Q. What does Bing weigh?
A. About the same as an elephant (3500 lbs).

Q. How did Bing get it’s name?
A. Some people think that it was named after Bing Crosby or Bing the Microsoft search engine. Not true! Bing is Latin for “cheap and towable dwelling”. But seriously, Bing is a type of cherry, which has been around since the age of the dinosaurs. They weren’t called Bing back then, since nobody was around to name them.

Q. Is Bing expandable?
A. Yes! We have currently on the drawing board an outdoor patio, indoor pool, bowling alley, home theater, etc.

Q. Can you deliver Bing to my home?
A. Yes! Since Bing is too big to send via UPS or FedEx, we can truck it to you at $1.60/mile.